fake granite rocks

Learn How To Make "Fake Rocks"

This website contains information and instructional DVD's for making high quality landscape rocks and garden statues

Fake rock color

Easy to make - anyone can do it

Extremely realistic look & feel - NOT plastic

Higest quality - professional level rock making

Weather resistant - leave outside in any climate

Best of all this professional rock making process is extremely inexpensive! Once you have learned the process you will be able to build your own artificial stones, landscaping rocks, hollow rocks, garden statues and more for a few dollars each!

Stone Garden Moai Statue Rock Garden Moai Statue

The processes used for making fake rocks in these tutorials will result in the highest possible quality artificial stones that are completely weather resistant and very easy to make. Fake stone rock

What Makes These Fake Rocks Different?

There are a lot of different products that could be called "fake rocks" however some look more real than others. Concrete naturally feels like stone making it the perfect medium to create fake rocks that look and feel more realistic than any process involving fiberglass, resins, plastic etc.

The artificial rock process taught here will result in the most realistic looking fake rocks possible.

Fake rock color

How To Make Rocks Instructional DVD's

You can purchase individual DVD sets for How To Make Fake Rocks and for How To Build A Garden Statue or you can also order the instructional DVD's as a Package Deal