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Garden Statue Instructional DVD Series

Artificial Stone Garden Statue DVD

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What Is Included In The Garden Statue DVD Set?

In the "Stone Garden Statue" DVD set you will receive a two disc DVD resource for how to build artificial rock garden statues using a specialized forming, concrete and painting process. The content chapters include:

1) Introduction To Stone Garden Statues
2) Form Building & Shaping
3) Steel Application Process
4) Concrete Mix Design For Garden Statues
5) Sculpting & Texturing Statues
6) Sculpting & Texturing - Second Example
7) Sanding & Scraping
8) Faux Granite Painting & Sealing
9) Faux Granite Painting - Second Example

The How To Make Garden Statue DVD using an artificial granite process includes over 5.5 hours of instructional footage showing the complete real-time construction of a fake rock garden statue (including concrete and painting of a second garden statue)

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This Garden Statue DVD set is a stand alone tutorial and will teach you everything you need to know to build artificial rock garden statues regardless of your previous skill level working with concrete. The finished results from this process will achieve a durable garden statue that looks exactly like real stone. These statues while strong are still lightweight enough to be moved by only one or two people!

Artificial Stone Garden Statue DVD

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