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Fake Rock Instructional DVD Series

How To Make Fake Rock DVD

how to make fake rocks

What Is Included In The Fake Rock DVD Set?

In the "How To Make Fake Rocks" DVD set you will receive a two disc DVD resource for how to build fake rocks using a specialized forming, concrete and painting process. The content chapters include:

1) Introduction To Rock Making
2) Form Building & Shaping
3) Steel Application Process
4) Concrete Mix Design For Fake Rocks
5) Sculpting & Texturing Artificial Rocks
6) Sanding & Scraping
7) Faux Granite Painting & Sealing

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Designed to teach anyone regardless of working familiarity with concrete applications how to build artificial rocks suitable for landscaping rocks, address markers, decorative rock features and much more.

The skills learned in this detailed instructional DVD set will open up a world of creations that you can build using this artificial rock process.

fake granite rocks artificial granite rocks

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What You Will Get From This Tutorial

Watch the entire process of building a fake rock including detailed explanation of the process. With this tutorial you will absolutely be able to create very realistic artificial rocks that are durable, weather resistant, cheap to make and extremely versatile in size, shape and color.

An intrepid entrepreneur could easily start an entire business with just the process contained in this one DVD set - extremely valuable information direct from an artificial rock expert! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How To Make Fake Rock DVD